Helium for Splunk.

Splunk Demonstration Platform

Helium is a Splunk demonstration platform, purpose built to help Sales and Presales tell effective stories.

Splunk Partners are faced with the challenge of how to show their customers the value of their data, and how it can reveal meaningful insights and support decision making.

DNA Connect is on a mission to change that, so we built the Helium platform to help customers reach that "aha" moment sooner.

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Access to Helium is limited to Splunk and Channel Partners of DNA Connect.

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With Helium, you can take your prospect through a visual, guided tour of Splunk’s typical use cases to help uncover pain points and explore the opportunity.

Helium can also be used to uncover new use cases for existing customers by viewing data through different lenses.

Advanced users can dive deeper into the pre-loaded data, but you don't need to be an expert to make a great impression.

While Splunk’s own Oxygen demonstration platform is designed for technically accredited users, Helium is built with sales and presales in mind and is available 24/7 with no bookings required.

Helium also includes ancillary vendors such as uberAgent and Libelium to help more advanced users expand the opportunity further.

Helium has proven success in the field and is used by Splunk and the partner community to deliver effective demonstrations. Helium is a locally hosted instance of Splunk Enterprise with visual dashboards covering the following use-cases;

  • Application Delivery
  • IT Operations
  • IT Security
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet of Things