Bad Kitty! Are you ready for the next Ransomware Attack?

Bad Kitty! Are you ready for the next Ransomware Attack?

Effective ways to detect and mitigate the risks on your VMware estate

As ransomware attacks continue to grow, criminals hunt for their next target. Over the past year we have seen a steady growth in ransomware attacks targeting VMware’s vSphere hypervisor; often relying on organisations not considering it a threat vector as they may do with a server or desktop OS.

Ransomware attacks such as HelloKitty, groups like BlackMatter, and even new aaS attacks tools such as REvil and DarkSide are becoming more focused on the hypervisor by leveraging compromised credentials or the management tools built into the hypervisor.

Watch this webinar recording that details how CloudControl, from HyTrust, an Entrust company, can help to detect and mitigate ransomware attacks against VMware hypervisors.

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Upon conclusion of this webinar you will understand:

  • Who and what are the targets
  • How compromised accounts and VMware management tools are used for targeted attacks
  • How CloudControl can help protect enterprises from ransomware attacks
  • How CloudControl can provide visibility into actions privileged admins are performing within VMware

  • IT Security Managers/Head of IT Security
  • Security Engineers/Consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Compliance & Risk managers
  • Cybersecurity officers
  • Anyone concerned about VMware security

  • An overview of the ransomware attacks
  • Who is being targeted
  • The techniques the bad guys use
  • How CloudControl can help
  • Q&A

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